Ivory Coast: The Power of Soccer

Soccer diplomacy has been employed in many different ways. It has even aided in coercing peace and unity by bringing nations together that were on the brink of civil war, as it did in the Ivory Coast in 2002. Didier Drogba, one of the all time greats for both club and country, used the power of soccer to bring his country together. The Ivory Coast had been at war for five years, when Drogba, after leading his nation to a world cup final in 2006, used his fame and his country's universal love for soccer as a platform to end his nation's war. At a press conference he went on his knees and begged the two factions to put down their weapons, and within a week his wish had been granted. Soccer was a platform for achieving peace, as it goes past all divides and connects people together, no matter religious differences, political beliefs, or racial or socio-economic backgrounds.

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