OnSide @ Refugee Apartments

After setting up an apartment for an Ethiopian family, a group of about 30-40 kids from Afghanistan, Congo, Syria, and Iran all came to trudge through the mud and climb over the barbed wire fence to get to a middle school field in order to play a massive rain soaked soccer scrimmage. We all broke into teams of all ages, and after a lot of debate on where to play, we finally found a spot which seemed to be the least muddy, we decided to kick off. Immediately we all knew we were going to come back soaked and covered in dirt and mud, but I didn’t matter. We had an amazing time, everyone was running and screaming, but most of all slipping in the mud. There was one time when two kids and I were all running for the same lose ball and we all managed to fall flat on our faces at the same time in the same spot. It was not only the great game of soccer that made this a memorable OnSide Scrimmage, but the excitement and energy of all the kids there was amazing. Previous OnSide events have been successful, but all the kids here were ecstatic, talkative, and very eager to play. They wanted to hear all about my soccer team, where I was from, and how I came to America. It was amazing to see that we were both just as interested in hearing the others story and background. One of the kids from Afghanistan named Zayed found it especially interesting that I played on my own soccer team, with their own jerseys. Sadly, they were a bit disappointed in hearing that I didn’t have an exciting story on how I arrived in America, because I was born here, but none the less, it was an amazing experience and I am eager to get back and play some soccer with the kids.

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