LearnServe International

OnSide was part of a fellowship called LearnServe International. The social entrepreneurship organization taught me, and around 40 other kids about how to formulate and run a successful social entrepreneurship venture. We spent time thinking about problems we see in our community, or what “pisses” us off in our surroundings. Kids thought about lack of homeschooled integration systems, and trying to fix that through a new curriculum for homeschooled kids in order to get them caught up with their new classmates. Some people thought about the lack of political tolerance in DC and how to maintain a productive conversation with those of a different political background than the one you may identify with. I, of course, wanted to do something based on the lack of understanding and knowledge of groups that live in close contact with one another, but don’t interact often. I also had wanted to solve this prevalent problem using the one thing that ties all people together, soccer. At LearnServe they helped me narrow my idea, target audience, and formulate a plan of action in order to get my project off the ground. They helped me devise a budget, pitch, and presentation for OnSide and provided me with an immeasurable amount guidance and direction in order to take OnSide from being an unachievable figment of my imagination to a real median used to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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This summer Alex Sundberg, Vice President of OnSide, participated in the International Rescue Committee’s summer camp for immigrant youth in the DMV area. With the camp, he helped run a soccer clinic

At the One Journey Festival, OnSide helped run the soccer station. During the festival we ran shooting games, passing games, and scrimmages with families and individuals of all ages who were present.