IRC x OnSide

This summer Alex Sundberg, Vice President of OnSide, participated in the International Rescue Committee’s summer camp for immigrant youth in the DMV area. With the camp, he helped run a soccer clinic for kids in the afternoons, and these are his thoughts on the event and the days he shared with the kids.

"This ended up being my favorite experience all summer. The kids I meet were boisterous, fun, eager to play soccer, and in love with the sport. They loved shooting the ball like Ronaldo and dribbling like Messi, idolizing these figures and hoping to one day be just like them. My time with the IRC was engaging, fun, and most importantly, educational. Through working with these kids, I came to paint a much different picture of an immigrant kid. I learned that an immigrant boy is one who loves soccer, one who treats his friends like his family, one who loves learning inside and outside the classroom, and most importantly, one who wholeheartedly defies the all too frequently broadcasted image of aggression, violence, and terrorism. The experiences I had at the IRC are those I hope one day everyone has, and those I hope will help redefine stereotypes surrounding immigrants."

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