Welcome to OnSide Design, the fashion activism clothing brand that makes the difference we want to see in the world.


The Disrupt Collection is the first round of clothing OnSide has put into production. It symbolizes the need to disrupt the current message about refugees that is flowing around the country. The message being that refugees bring terror and are not needed in the United States. OnSide is disrupting this message and replacing it with one of inclusion and equality. By wearing our clothing you are allowing us to continue to promote this message, and you are actively promoting this message by wearing your OnSide clothing everywhere you go. We thank you for shopping at OnSide Design and thank you for promoting and helping us promote a message that we feel very passionate about.   


OnSide is adopting a 1 for 1 model for our clothing line. For every piece of clothing sold, we will be donating a soccer ball to a soccer-loving kid in a disadvantaged community. Soccer, as many of you may already know, has the power to build friendships and lasting relationships. By purchasing one of our pieces you are providing the tools to kids all around the world to build these hugely influential connections, feel included, and continue to do what they love.